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Social media’s rise in the last decade has been truly tremendous. It has changed the course of many industries, including e-commerce.

There is no other place better than the social network to grow your business. With so many people to engage, it is quick and easy. You do not have to say a lot but just enough to promote your brand.

You can connect with not just your existing customers, but you can also gain new customers if you plan everything right.

In this article, we discuss some of the social media e-commerce strategies you can implement to grow your business on social media.

Mobile responsive website and app

First of all, you cannot expect to make it big using social media without having a mobile responsive web design or a dedicated mobile app.

Most people use smartphones to browse through their social media networks. It makes sense why that should be the best place to promote your brand.

Make your website mobile responsive so that the web page fits any screen size. However, the best strategy is also to launch a mobile app that gives customers the same experience that a website will do.

Make use of influencers

Haven’t you heard? Influencer marketing is all the rage nowadays.

The popularity of social media has changed the trend of marketing. And with it came social media influencers. They are influential people on social media platforms. They have built a reputation and massive following with their knowledge in certain areas.

They have the power to influence the shopping decision of their followers with the content they post. Therefore, it is no brainer that the e-commerce industry is relying on them to market their products on social media platforms.

To choose a social media influencer to market your products, first, you need to identify which social media network you want to promote it. After that, scout for accounts that have a decent number of followers and have expertise in the product in highlight.

For example, the fashion brand H&M collaborated with a famous fashion blogger to promote their fall collection on Instagram:

 social media e-commerce strategies - influencers

Add visual content to your posts

Make your social media posts interesting with images and videos. Text-only content does not generate much interest, and it may get ignored.

You can include product images and videos that will help garner people’s attention and lead them to your store.

You can also share promotional ads with appealing visual content.

For example, BarkBox uses videos in their Facebook ads. They are appealing that will make people want to check out their products.

 social media e-commerce strategies - visuals

Engage your audience

Ads, product information, or blogs are not the only content you can share on your social media. Since a lot of people use social media, it would be nice to engage your audience there. You can conduct fun contests, giveaways, surveys, etc. to connect with them.

Such activities will lure them more into your store and make their shopping experience more pleasant.

Interact with your followers/customers

You do not have to post a boring product or deal related content. It would be nice to encourage your audience to interact with you and share their thoughts about topics specific to your brand (and it does not have to be about promotion). Be active and enthusiastic in your interaction with customers.

Such interactions will help you establish a reputation among customers and also leave a long-lasting impression.

You must have seen customers try to contact a brand via their social media for queries and solutions. You can offer your assistance to them on your social media, as it is quick and easy. It is also the place where you can encourage them to share their reviews and ratings about your products or store.

Keep blogging

Maintain an active blog to have a continuous flow of content on your e-commerce website.

Blogging about the latest trends and other educational topics related to your products or brand will increase brand awareness. That way, blogs are also one way to promote your business.

Optimize the blog content for visibility in search engines so that you can reach a wider audience.

You can also share the blog content in your social media posts, thereby increasing the visibility of your store.

Cup&Leaf’s updates its blog regularly with engaging content about different types of teas.

 social media e-commerce strategies -blog

They provide links to their products and also have social share buttons on the post that will help the content to reach more people.


Wrapping Up

There you go. The social media strategies we think will help to grow your e-commerce business.

What do you think? Do you know any other tips that might help? Let’s discuss it!

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