Any commerce store’s strength is its product. However, sometimes even a great product fails to sell if it is not presented well. It applies to an e-commerce store as well. This article discusses the importance of a product page in e-commerce.

What is a Product Page in E-commerce?

A product page is a page on an e-commerce website that describes the product to customers. This is where they will get all the information about the product they want to buy. Hence, this is the most crucial aspect of the online store.

The product page should provide a detailed account of:

  • what the product offers;
  • how it will help customers;
  • why do they need it;
  • what are its unique features;
  • how to use it;
  • the experience of the customers who bought it;
  • customer ratings;
  • good quality images, videos, and other interactive elements enhance the written description on the page.

Some product pages also include Frequently Asked Questions (mostly in the case of physical products), to help customers if they have any queries related to the product. It also consists of “suggested items” or “similar products” section.

You can say that the product page is a vital resource even after the purchase.

This is the page that should convince the customers to click the buy button.

Importance of a Product Page in an E-commerce Site

An excellent perfect page can only offer gains than losses. You have to be careful while managing the product page. Let us look at the reasons why a product page is the most important part of an e-commerce site.

It is a customer magnet

A product page is, no doubt, the page in an e-commerce website where a customer spends most of the time. So, if you create a compelling product page, you are likely to get more customers. They rely on the product description to make their decision whether to buy it. If there is something that they do not find appealing, then consider that as an instant loss of sale.

The product page is the place where you will have to market your product. You have to make them visit your site because they like how you present the products on your store and how easy it is to navigate through the page. An inadequate product description is sales-killer. Unlike a traditional commerce store where they can check out the product directly, e-commerce does not have that option. Therefore, online shoppers need as much information as they can get before making a purchase. 

Customers pay close attention to price, product description, ratings, and reviews. All of these are part of a product page. It varies with the type of product they are looking for. However, these are the main components they base their decision on.

A lot of times, customers have returned an item because they did not find the product match the product description that persuaded them to buy it. So even if the product is subpar, a decent product description may sell the product. (That does not mean you can mislead the customers – be honest).

A product page is successful if it can turn visitors into customers.

Here is a product page from Myntra. It is a decent page that lists all the necessary details about the product and links to other products in the store, thus promoting the brand.

Myntra - importance of a product page
Myntra - importance of a product page

It helps in building your brand

There is no doubt about the fact that the product page will help in generating more sales. It is the window to your e-commerce store’s brand value. Your product description promotes the brand.

The way you present the products – how it will help customers, what problems it can solve, how it is best in the market, etc. – helps in strengthening the brand value of your store.

A unique, content-rich, and balanced product page may give you the upper hand over your competitors. People need to see you can offer something different. Words are powerful. If you use it wisely and concisely to describe the product, accompanied by smooth and sophisticated features on the page, it will impress people and sellers.

Nomad‘s product pages are gorgeous. They have a way of capturing customers’ attention with visually pleasing content.

With high-quality images and videos and concise and neat presentation of the product description, they really stand apart. They do not use too much technical jargon yet include essential details that the customer must know about their products.

Nomad - importance of a product page
NOMAD -importance of a product page

It helps in optimizing your website

Like any website out there, e-commerce sites also require good traffic to profit. The more the number of visitors, the more chances of selling. Most often, people do not always are sure of which online store offers the best of the product they want to buy. They use search engines to search for their favorite products instead of heading directly to a particular site. Hence, you must optimize your website for search engines.

To optimize a website, you must include relevant keywords or key phrases in the content of your site. There is no better place than the product page, where you can optimize the website to the maximum.

The product page has long descriptions, images, and a title that you can utilize. An SEO-friendly product page will help you rank well in search engines. Adding keyword-focused page slug, product title, description, and captions or alt-texts for the images will definitely help your page to land on the first page of the search engine.

More visibility of your website will ensure more traffic and trust among the customers.

Here is how Amazon has got its SEO strategy right.

Google SEO - importance of a product page
Amazon - importance of a product page

Wrapping Up

These were the few factors that prove the importance of a product page when it comes to an e-commerce website. It would be wise to invest more time, effort, and money on this page than the homepage when you are designing the site. Do not let an inferior product page be the reason to lose customers and reputation.

Think there are other reasons that make the product page superior (or not)? The comment section is open for you!

Disclaimer: This article is the result of the author’s research and observation, and the purpose of the article is to share general information with the readers. For any e-commerce business-related assistance, we recommend getting professional guidance.

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